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Link Roundup: May 2015

Here’s the link roundup for the May 2015 meetup:


Where to find the group:

Facebook: Las Vegas WordPress Users Group (Great for Q&A between meetups!)

Website: (Link roundups and video of previous meetups.)

Meetup: Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group (Schedules and RSVP for upcoming meetups.)

Site Performance Myths

Discussion of some myths about WordPress. Where does custom code go? Plugin or theme? Are to many plugins bad for your site?

Presenter: Russ Aaron

The Many Faces of Jetpack

This super-charged plugin has close ties with WordPress. Is it the plugin version of a Leatherman? What are the pros and cons?

Presenter: John Hawkins

WordPress Security (Round One)

Review of site security measures like Limit Logins, Wordfence, etc.

Presenter: Robert Gillmer

WordPress Security (Round Two)

Help prevent hackers with Sucuri Security. Learn how to set it up and use it.

Presenter: Matt Campbell

Have a topic idea or something you’d like to share?

Your input helps make our meetups great. Let us know what you’d like to hear more about, any “WordPress mysteries” your might have, or if you’d like to present some awesome WordPress techniques, tips, or related resources.

We all learn from each other so don’t hold back. We even have a form you can use!

3 replies on “Link Roundup: May 2015”

This was a very informative meeting. Great content, I find myself referring back to the notes, particularly on the topic of security.

Hello Gents;

I’ve been trying to piece together a concept that might be something that others have questions about.
I understand that I should be developing locally (testing, updates, etc.) before changing my live site.
How can I synchronize the two? Is this an FTP issue of synchronizing my local WordPress site
with my hosted (HostGator) live site? We use FileZilla at work on a PC. I have a Mac at home. From what I’ve Googled
it looks like Backup Buddy may address this but I’m not sure . . .

That’s a great question, thanks for asking! That’s definitely something we can go over at an upcoming MeetUp.

Personally, I use Desktop Server to develop locally, then use WP Migrate DB Pro to sync the database. I use FTP to get the new files to/from the server. If I was smarter, I’d use Git to sync the files. Some hosts will allow you Git access to their servers, or you can use a service like DeployHQ to deploy files.

Hit me up next month, I’ll go over this with you.

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