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Link Roundup: April 2015

Here’s the link roundup for the April 2015 meetup:


Where to find the group:

Facebook: Las Vegas WordPress Users Group (Great for Q&A between meetups!)

Website: (Link roundups and video of previous meetups.)

Meetup: Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group (Schedules and RSVP for upcoming meetups.)

Events of Interest

WP 101 – Installing Themes and Plugins (Beginner)

Themes and plugins are essential to a good site. Learn some basics to help choose and install them in your WordPress site.

Presenter: Steve Rypka

Setting up a PodCast Website (Intermediate)

John demonstrated how to go about setting up a new website for your podcast: which plugins to use, what services you may want to use for hosting MP3s, submitting to iTunes and more. He also provided some real life tips and tricks learned over the past 4 months producing the podcast.

Presenter: John Hawkins

Two Factor Authentication (Advanced)

One of the easier ways to secure your WordPress site is to use a plugin to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Sites protected by 2FA require two forms of identification before you can log in – usually this is “something you know” (like your password) and “something you have” (like your smartphone). Robert demonstrated Clef, Launchkey, and Rubicon.

Presenter: Robert Gillmer

Code Location: Plugin vs Theme (Advanced)

Should you put your code into a plug in or into a theme? It depends on the scenario and what is the best result for the end user. In this presentation we look at the different ways that we can limit the amount of steps taken to display the end result.

Presenter: Russell Aaron

  • It depends on the scenario and the needs of the user.
  • Try to avoid “theme dependency.” Example: Theme-generated shortcodes.

Have a topic idea or something you’d like to share?

Your input helps make our meetups great. Let us know what you’d like to hear more about, any “WordPress mysteries” your might have, or if you’d like to present some awesome WordPress techniques, tips, or related resources.

We all learn from each other so don’t hold back. We even have a form you can use!

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