2019 Meetup Notes

WordPress Notes and Links: January 2019

How to Find the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group

InNevation Center donates our meeting space free. We have to start exiting around 7:45. Have to leave by 8 pm. They have co-working. Ask for a Day Pass.

Dealing with Multiple Users

John Hawkins, Las Vegas WordPress Meetup founder and organizer, was inspired to put together this presentation because he has a client that has 575 users with various roles.

Even if you’re the only person on your site, you’re the user. Each user has a role. A WordPress user role is a collection of permissions. There is a difference in permissions between Admin, Editor, Author, and Contributor.

John says people don’t use Contributor role enough. With the Contributor Role, the user cannot upload media. They can write, but can’t publish. Contributors will have a “Submit for Review” button and that post sits there waiting for review. When assigning user roles, John recommends using Contributor Role before using Author Role and definitely before using Editor Role.

John uses the plugin: User Switching. This allows you to see what each user role is seeing on your website. So, you switch between user roles and get a view of what that user sees.

When John is developing, he likes to ask what types of users the client expects to have on their site: logged out visitors, admins, authors, customers, etc. Before he even starts a project, he needs a list of users.

Peter’s Login Redirect is an amazing plugin because you can use it to set a landing page for specific user roles to see when they login, such as a Welcome landing page that you create.

Ask yourself, “What can each type of my users do?” Once you know, create user stories. This user story is a list of what users can and can’t do. How many users can you have? Unlimited!

Plugins to look into when creating User Roles:

You can view John’s presentation slides here.


When you’re wondering which tools and plugins to use on your website, John has a Recommendations page set up on his website at

Member Sites

More than half of our attendees were attending for the first time! Here are some of the websites of those who attended.

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