2018 General Meetup Notes

WordPress Notes and Links: July and August 2018

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July 2018 Meetup

Unfortunately, our monthly note taker couldn’t make this meeting, but here’s a brief summary of what happened:

August 2018 Meetup

Oh, no! John was out sick. That’s okay. Russ ran the show!

Updating your site is important. Always back up your site first! After you update, see if anything is broken. If you don’t know how to perform a backup, ask Russ!

Got WordPress questions? 

Q: Does AMP live on a separate website?

A: No. Google came up with AMP to make it easy to see content only. Load less bytes. Smaller version of your images. Same content. But now you’re not loading unnecessary data.

Q: What’s the best way to secure a WordPress site?

A: Your hosting company should help you the most. The better the host, the more secure they should be. WP Engine is the most recommended. It’s built for WordPress. SiteGround and Liquid Web are both recommended, too. With WP Engine, Russ has never had to use a security plugin. If you do use a plugin, use iThemes (Security), It’s powerful but be careful when changing settings. Also, secure your login and password.

Q: What are your thoughts on Gutenberg? 

A: Install it. Use it. All that it is a visual editor. It’s a new workflow. It’s coming with Version 5.0. You can stick with Classic Editor until you’re ready. If you have custom meta custom data, you may struggle a little but it’s not the end of the world.

Affiliate Marketing

Alex King talked about how you can make $300-$500 per month with affiliate marketing!

  • He runs his own “deep dive” event on Affiliate Marketing ($20).
  • Affiliate Marketing is the one thing he wished someone had told him about it when he first bought his first domain.
  • For the longest time he was recommending products and services on his site but was not utilizing the benefits of affiliate marketing.
  • He says if you focus on products you really believe in, like, and know about, it won’t feel so “sales-y.”
  • He recently presented at our meetup on how he makes $10,000 per month with a membership site.
  • Why would a company have an affiliate program? It costs to acquire customers. Of the various options available to acquire customers, one is to allow the users of the product/service to make a recommendation and take a commission for the sale.
  • He recommends AffiliateWP plugin. It allows you to create an incentive for your users to recommend your product.
  • Go to for affiliate links of his favorite plugins and services / SaaS’s.
  • You should set up a page like the one above, too! (For example, if you’re a photographer, set up a page of photography equipment and services that you use and like. Be sure to set up affiliate profiles with those companies, first. And use affiliate links when you set up that page.)
  • The three affiliate programs Alex covered: Kartra, ActiveCampaign, Amazon
    • Kartra – all-in-one platform; took functionality of  various services and moved them all into one
    • ActiveCampaign – recurring payment affiliate platform; good product
    • Amazon – basically every product on there can be used for affiliate marketing; create content about those products that you enjoy
    • Even Alex’s program has an affiliate program – Infinite Influencer program

Voice Blogging

Russ talks his blog posts. He feels like he can “write” more in less time by speaking his blog posts into an app. He uses the Google Keep app, which is like Ever Note. On the keyboard on his phone, he hits the microphone and the app types out his spoken sentences. The hardest part of voice blogging is learning how your phone works. You’ll have problems with punctuation, too. He’s been doing it for two years. Learn your phone. Learn how to say period at every sentence. People are going to look at you weirdly when you do this in public. You’ll have problems with words like “are.” Your phone and app may write it out as “our” or “hour.” Forget there, their, and they’re–more problems! Those are the caveats. But for the most part, voice blogging makes blogging easier. Russ copies and pastes from Google Keep into WordPress. With Google Keep,  you don’t need to be online. With the WordPress app, you’d need to be online to connect with your site. He demonstrated how it took only 10 minutes for him to write an entire blog post. 

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