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September link roundup

This month we talked about editing CSS, using contact forms, custom post types and the importance of using child themes. Here’s the outline of the meeting and some links for further reading.

WordPress Q&A – John

Robert – CSS and how to go about finding and fixing CSS issues on your site. (Basic)

  • Do Not Cowboy Code (Working On a Live Site!!!)
  • Use a child theme
  • Find code line and file using Element Inspector or Firebug
  • Use ftp to download the css file
  • Make changes to the file and upload the file to the server
  • The child css file will override the parent file
  • Do not use !important tag, it can conflict with future code and it’s a sucky way to do it. Edit css classes.
  • Do not use the editor in wp. It’s just bad!

Steve – Contact Forms

  • Contact Form 7
    • Adding fields to the form and message. Free
    • Formidable Forms

      • Freemium plugin
      • Pre Build Templates for different industry needs.
      • Database
      • Dependent Fields
      • Conditional Logic
      • Exploration of features and field settings
      • Paypal integration is easy, with payment confirmation
      • Records transactions

Russ – Custom Post Types

Jessica Barnard – The Pixelista

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