November meetup followup

Last night’s Vegas WordPress meetup was a great one! We tried out a new venue and even with a couple hiccups, I think it still worked out pretty well.

The evening started with Russ giving some tips on how to track down problems in WordPress themes or plugins on your site. He also mentioned a fantastic plugin called If Menu which makes it super simple to add conditional menu items to any menu. Very handy and I’ll definitely be using this in the future!

Russ also mentioned a couple other plugins: BAW Login/Logout Menu and the following Membership plugin

Don’t forget that he also offered everybody a beta account on his new site; Geek Street

That was followed up by John giving a preview of what’s to come in WordPress 3.5, due to ship on December 5th. The big focus of this release being the reworked media manager and gallery. There’s still a little polish needed for it, but it’s looking pretty sexy.

And finally, we had Owen Carver from All In Web Pro give the group a primer on SEO. This was a great session and well received by the entire group. Owen was gracious enough to provide a list of some of the many tools he uses in his business:

General SEO Intro

SEO Terms

Tools for SEO Self Assessment & Research (*Keyword Tool*) (Paid)

Even Deeper SEO – (more helpful things)

Big SEO Related Sites

Owen’s Guinea-Pig Site

Presenter & List Creator

Wow, that’s a lot of great information!! I don’t know about you, but I think it’s going to take me about 6 months to digest all this!!

One last thing; One of our attendees last night lost a little black voice recorder. If you happened to find it, can you please let me know so we can get it returned to him?

Thank you all for coming and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

John Hawkins

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Thanks to you John for the invitation! I really enjoyed the group and would be happy to be at the next meetup. Is there a list of the plugins that you guys presented at th October WordPress meetup? I can’t remember all of them and want to make sure I got them all saved.

Thanks again!

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