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Link Roundup: July 2014

Here are a few notes and links from our July meetup…

Robert Gillmer

Topic: CSS Hierarchy
Description: Four case studies to illustrate the order WordPress reads CSS files.

Specifics on CSS Specificity

CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know

Konrad Musial

Topic:  New products from the Artisteer team – links to products – create custom website templates – beta product for custom themes – beta drag & drop wysiwyg design tool – image subscription service

Steve Rypka

Topic:  Faceted Navigation and Search for WordPress
Use the power of faceted search / navigation to help users find content using checkboxes, dropdowns, date ranges and sliders.

Plugin: FacetWP – Create powerful custom search tools to efficiently drill-down through lots of content.

Kenny Eliason

Topic:  SEO – Social Tools

Kenny shared a few cool plugins to help with the social thang, along with some tools to help increase your social activity. – Simple Share Buttons Adder

Please use this link if you plan to purchase NextScripts since Kenny was kind enough to share it with us!

John Hawkins

Topic:  General Q & A plus a cool gallery plugin…

WordPress 4.0 is coming.
Try the beta on a local site: (not your live site!) – Use Desktop Server for local site development.

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