2013 Events

Link roundup from meetup on 6/18/2013

Wow, what a turnout last night, huh? Almost 60 people. Definitely our biggest meetup to date!

Here’s the link roundup from last night:

Chris Rogers – what is a theme/definition. – to find/official themes – commercial/third party – all themes with “Responsive” in their description. – FREE theme my actor site is using. The title of this theme is Responsive. – Paid/Pro version. – my actor site using the Responsive theme. Compare how I’ve customized with my content to the standard/default out of the box picture/description. – Youtube channel of guy who made several great video tutorials on how to use/customize the Responsive theme. – author’s website. He does have a free newsletter you can sign up for on his website.

And finally,

Russel Aaron

Sergio Chavez

Sergio’s presentation

Matt Mullenweg

Huge thanks to all the speakers last night.

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