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Link Roundup: February 2015

Here’s the link roundup for the February 2015 meetup:


Where to find the group:

Facebook: Las Vegas WordPress Users Group (Great for Q&A between meetups!)

Website: (Link roundups and video of previous meetups.)

Meetup: Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group (View event program descriptions and RSVP for upcoming meetups.)

WordPress 101

Feeling confused about WordPress? John gave a quick introduction to WordPress and explained some things that tend to trip up new users. vs, etc.

Presenter: John Hawkins

PushUp Notifications & ElasticPress

Jake is the president and founder of He spoke about two new products for WordPress.

Presenter: Jake Goldman

Learning About Our Brains and Why You Should Present at the Next Meetup

You know more than you think. You can help others and give back to the community. Two points for a talk: “This is what I did. And this is how I felt.” People will connect and remember.

Presenter: Chris Lema

WordPress Hierarchy

Using the WordPress hierarchy to make less calls to the database, and about pre_get_posts(). This talked is geared for developers.

Presenter: Robert Gillmer

Have a topic idea or something you’d like to share?

Your input helps make our meetups great. Let us know what you’d like to hear more about, any “WordPress mysteries” your might have, or if you’d like to present some awesome WordPress techniques, tips, or related resources.

We all learn from each other so don’t hold back. We even have a form you can use!

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