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Link Roundup: December 2014


Here’s the link roundup for the December 2014 meetup:


Where to find the group:

Facebook: Las Vegas WordPress Users Group (Great for Q&A between meetups!)

Website: (Link roundups and video of previous meetups.)

Meetup: Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group (Schedules and RSVP for upcoming meetups.)

WordCamp Las Vegas 2014

Uniting the Developer and Business Communities with WordPress

December 13, 14, 2014

There are still a few tickets available for this weekend’s WordCamp. Don’t miss it!

Events of Possible Interest

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites

Using Infinite WP to Manage Your Sites

Presenter: Steve Rypka

Great Programs and Utilities

Useful programs for WordPress Developers

Presenter: Robert Gillmer

Google Analytics

What can you get out of Google Analytics?

Presenter: Kenny Eliason

Miscellanous WP Stuff

Cool WordPress plugins, techniques, etc.

Presenter: John Hawkins

Have a topic idea or something you’d like to share?

Your input helps make our meetups great. Let us know what you’d like to hear more about, any “WordPress mysteries” your might have, or if you’d like to present some awesome WordPress techniques, tips, or related resources.

We all learn from each other so don’t hold back. We even have a form you can use!

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