2020 Events Meetup Notes

General & Advanced Meetup: April 2020

This was our second month having the meetup take place online. I’d say it went better than the first. We made the decision to combine the General & Advanced meetup this month (and we’ll do it again next month) due to the sheer amount of online events going on right now. We didn’t want to eat up 2 of your evenings with WordPress activities.

This month we started off with Scott Miller talking to us about Docker and how to use it with WordPress.

Next, John Hawkins kicked off a conversation about WordPress 5.4 and all the fun stuff happening in the world of Gutenberg. There were some terrific questions that really helped drive the meetup as we dug into what Gutenberg can and can’t do currently, and thoughts we have on where it may go in the future.

You can watch the entire meetup below.

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